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Lincoln Carter is a 12 year old kart racer from Southern California and is in his third season of racing. His love for racing began at the tender age of 2 years old. His Grandfather gifted him with a two-seater blue Mustang and the rest is history! His love of cars and racing began! From a very young age, Lincoln has always been intrigued by the mechanics of cars. He spends hours talking with his Dad about the make, model and engines on cars.

Lincoln started in-door karting at 7 years old. He participated in in-door karting camps learning the ins and outs of racing. After a few camps, he knew he was ready to take it outdoors!

In 2019 his first kart was purchased and he began racing at Cal Speed in Fontana, CA. Lincoln races in the Micro Cadet Series. He aspires to move up through the ranks and one day make it to a Formula 1 race seat. For a year, Lincoln learned under Billy Musgrave who is an acclaimed champion go kart racer. After a year under Musgrave, Lincoln moved to Adams Motorsport Park where he is currently coached by Troy Adams; a former Nascar Cup Series Racer.

When Lincoln is not racing, he is a model, actor and piano player. Lincoln has been modeling/acting since he was 11 months old and playing the piano for 2 years. Lincoln is super outgoing and loves to make people laugh! He enjoys coding, reading, hanging with friends and most of all spending time with his Dad. His favorite racer is Lewis Hamilton.

Lincoln’s race number is 88, which stands for infinity; a never-ending quest for perfection.

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